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Covid Safety Protocols

A Message from the Corn Mill Theatre Group

Dear Patron, 

With regard to our upcoming events at the Corn Mill Theatre & Arts Centre. 

The entrance is located off the Main Street and will be open a half an hour before each performance to ensure sufficient time for a safe socially distanced queuing system before entering the building. 

Ticket re-sale is not permitted for contact tracing purposes. Individuals who do not wish to attend shall be requested to cancel their booking, including individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Please contact us via email at to release your ticket if you cannot attend the event, so we can release the tickets to the general booking and waiting list.

On arrival, we will check your booking and request confirmation of contact details from the main booker of each pod/party. You will also be asked to fill in a declaration of wellness for you and your party. This document is to confirm that no one in your party: 

  • has symptoms of COVID-19
  • is self-isolating or restricting their movements
  • is awaiting results of a COVID-19 test
  • has recently returned from travel abroad

While our staff and volunteers will be wearing face coverings during the event, our smile and a warm welcome will still be very present.

You are asked to wear face coverings when arriving and when moving throughout the park. You may bring your own mask, or spare masks will be available at the box office. 

Please make use of our hand sanitising stations at entry & exit points. Additional hand sanitiser dispensers are placed at key points throughout the park for your safety

In the event of an incident of COVID-19, we are obliged, under HSE guidelines, to share the following information with the HSE for contact tracing purposes: name, date of visit, telephone number & number of guests in your party. This information may be shared with the HSE for up to 28 days following your visit.

In the interest of public safety please download the COVID-19 tracker app. If you have any queries in relation to your booking, please contact us via email 

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