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A Night at the Mart


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The time frame for this play is 2015 and the village of Keenlara has found itself somewhat under invasion. The property boom has come and gone and has left a wake of unoccupied properties behind it. A government rehousing scheme has somewhat threatened the very life blood of this village. The recipients of these houses are from a very different upbringing to the villagers and some of their ways of survival are questionable. This play shows how people working together can defend themselves from any outside threat and overcome invasions to their social structure.

The play centers around a group of characters who all are honest decent folk. At the center of the story Tom Ryan struggles to raise his family in this ever-changing world. Tom has lost his wife to illness and this has greatly hampered the upbringing of his son John.

John finds it hard to deal with the loss of his mother which leads him into a world he is not able to deal with. The play opens in 2010 at the funeral of Sheila Ryan and then moves forward to 2015, where we are transport to Keenlara mart canteen.


Keenlara Mart Canteen.

Running Time

1Hr 30 Minutes - 15 minute interval


Joe McManus