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What's for Pudding by David Tristram

Mary and Jack's dull Saturday evening is interrupted by the arrival of Maureen, Ted and Dennis. The occasion rapidly dissolves into a drunken gathering as Ted's intellect is likened to that of a paper clip, Maureen, his wife, reveals a liking for Jack, and Jack rapidly cultivates a taste for pouring whisky over his head.

Lucy in the Sky by Tony Layton

Three women seek shelter in an inner city hostel for the homeless. On this cold winter night, each has a different reason for being there. Alexia is pregnant following a rape, Meg has wreaked revenge on a brutal husband and has is a self-imposed exile, and with Wendy we see that sometimes all it takes to become an outcast is a sudden impulsive act - one that you regret forever. This play, a prize winner in the Drama Association of Wales, One Act Play Writing competition 2000, is a sensitive portrayal of women with problems. Two of them are having to come to terms with recent events which have shattered their lives. The other cannot forget her failing because once a year for fifty years she has been vividly reminded. This play doesn't pull any punches - it's life on the edge, and in the raw.

Cilleo Yew Tree Players Ennybegs

Based in the heart of the Midlands, Cilloe Yew Tree Players is an amateur dramatic society situated in Ennybegs, Co. Longford. Established in 1989 and as a member of the Drama League of Ireland, the group continues to strive in the world of drama productions.



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