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When a sergeant finds him serving after-hours, publican Ignatius Cornelius Coolahan regales his accuser with a protracted story of military service in the desert in the hope of tapping into his sense of thirst.

Running Time

50 Minutes - No Interval


Flann O'Brien was the pseudonym of Brian O'Nolan (in Irish Brian Ó Nualláin). Born in Strabane, Co. Tyrone in 1911, he graduated from UCD before joining the Civil Service. His regular column in the Irish Times entitled "Cruiskeen Lawn", published under the name Myles na gCopaleen, was usually written in English, but sometimes in Irish. He also published his Irish language novel An Béal Bocht, under the same name. Novels in English include At Swim-Two-BirdsThe Third Policeman and The Dalkey Archive. Plays not listed here include The KnifeThe Handsome Carvers and A Moving Tale: A Dublin Hallucination. Television plays include The Boy from BallytearimThe Time Freddie RetiredFlightThe Man with Four LegsThe Dead Spit of KellyO’Dea’s Your ManEpisode One – The Meaning of MaltTh’ Oul Lad of Kilsalaher and Episode One – Trouble about Names.